When you are searching for new cleanroom doors, look no further than, one of the Internet’s leading providers of cleanroom technology. Our business offers efficient doors for your modular cleanroom, including Simplex, Porta Fab, and Porta-King doors.  These are durable doors that are available in steel, aluminum, and glass. You can choose to have swinging doors, high-speed roll-up doors, fire doors, or sliding doors to put an end to any contamination issues.

Each door is made for a different type of cleanroom, so it’s important to let us know what type of cleanroom you are building and the kind of protection you will need. Review our selection of cleanroom doors to see which options work best with your modular cleanroom. Once you have made a decision, you can contact us to place your order or ask any questions. We are always available to answer any questions about doors or any of our cleanroom technology.

Porta_King Doors

Heavy-duty tubular framework is mechanically fastened together to create a very durable, light weight, door leaf. The door frame is aluminum to match wall framing and installs flush with wall panels. Connecting posts are located on both sides which lock into the door frame for greater strength and resistants to racking. HDD doors include a 30 1/2″ wide by 40 1/2″ high vision lite. The lower half of the door leaf includes an insert that matches the specified modular wall construction. These doors come standard with an adjustable door sweep and a full perimeter bulb gasket seal. Standard door leaf is 3068 but other door sizes are available.

Styles Available:

  • HDD – Heavy Duty Aluminum Single Door
  • HDD – Heavy Duty Aluminum Double Door
  • Steel – Single Man Door
  • Steel – Double Door
  • Steel – Double Door with Operable and Removable Transom
  • Sliding Doors
  • Roll Up Doors
  • Custom Doors
  • Automated Sliding Doors

Finish: Clear Satin Anodized with a lower panel insert that matches interior and exterior of wall surfaces.

Porta Fab

Extremely durable and are available in different styles including steel, electric sliding, full or half glass and high speed roll up. These doors are available with a variety of options including vision panels, hardware, activation, locking mechanisms and fire ratings.

Styles Available:

  • Sliding Doors
  • Swinging Doors
  • High Speed Roll Up Doors
  • Fire Doors
  • Specialty Doors

Simplex Doors

Pre-hung in their frames for quick and easy installation. These doorways are available in the same materials as AirLock walls. Your selection of the proper AirLock Door for your doorway depends on your application, contamination concerns and layout.

Cleanroom Doorways – AirLock Doors and Venting Options:

  • Framed ABS and Vinyl Swing Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Strip Door
  • Bi-folding Curtain
  • Dual Flex Door