Product Line

Ultrapure Technology keeps a wide array of cleanroom products on hand for your cleanroom construction and design needs. We know that you are seeking exceptional cleanroom technology.

Clean Room Components

Air Showers / Air Locks
H.E.P.A. Vacuums
Garment Storage Units
Laminar Flow Consoles – Horizontal & Vertical
Motorized H.E.P.A. Filters
Pass Thru-Material & Cart


A.S.H.R.A.E. Filters
Bag Filters
H.E.P.A. & U.L.P.A. Filter
Pleated Filters


8.5”x11” Copy Paper, 3 wgts., 3-hole Punched
11”x17” Copy Paper
Computer Forms, Continuous & Greenbar
Notebooks, Planners, Clipboards & Pens

Garments & Apparel
(Tyvek & Polyester)

Beard Covers, Polypropylene
Boot & Shoe Covers, Disposable & Reusable
Bouffant Hats, Polypropylene & Tyvek
Coveralls, Disposable & Reusable
Face Masks, Earloop, Tie-behind, Cone
Frocks, Disposable & Reusable
Lab Coats, Disposable & Reusable
Sleeves, Disposable & Reusable

Clean Rooms

Modular Hardwall Systems & Components
Softwall Units-Standard & Custom Configured
Renovations / Expansions

Gloves & Cots

Cotton Lisle Gloves
Finger Cots-Latex & Static-dissipative
Gloves-Latex, Nitrile, Nylon, Vinyl & Sterile

Clean Room Furniture

Carts, Utility
Chairs-All Classes & Anti-Static
Garment Racks & Storage Cabinets
Glove Boxes, Acrylic
Shelving-Chrome, Plastic & Stainless
Tables-Laminate, Static-dissipative, Stainless

Mats, Antifatigue, Disposable
& Permanent Tack

Antifatigue Mats, Polyurethane, Nitrile & Vinyl
Antistatic Mats & Runners, Floor & Table Top
Reusable contamination control mats.
Peeloff contamination control mats.

Clean Room Instrumentation

Flow Meters
Magnehelic Gauges
Particle Counters (Met One)

Packaging, Bags, Sheets & Tubing, Antistatic

Aclar, Cleanroom & Industrial
Bear Poly, Cleanroom & Industrial
Nylon, Cleanroom & Industrial
Teflon (TEP), Cleanroom & Industrial

Clean Room Maintenance

Buckets, Plastic & Autoclave Stainless
Cleaning Solutions
Mops-Flat Sponge, Roll & String
Motorized Shoe Cleaners
Swabs-Cotton, Foam & Wrapped
Sterile Alcohol & Cleaning Chemicals
Tack Rollers, Film or Foam Wipers-Class 1 to Class 100,000 & Sterile

Swabs & Wipers

Sealed Edge Wipers, Polyester wipers
Pre-saturated Wipers, Poly-Cellulose wipers
Polypropylene Swabs, sterile wipers
Cotton Tipped Swabs

E.S.D. Equipment & Ionization

Benchtop Blowers
Blow-Off Guns
Flow Bars
Grounding Cords & Straps
Static Field Meters & Charged Plate Monitors