Cleanroom Design


Cleanroom Design by Ultrapure Technology, Inc.

Every cleanroom design project is different from the last. We aim to maximize the newest cleanroom technologies available to suit your specific needs. Anyone can complete a cleanroom construction job with unlimited money and time. Our unique ability is to take relatively “common” materials and mix them with other cleanroom technology to provide a thoughtful and effective solution.

Our approach to cleanroom construction and design is to understand your product’s needs from environmental control to product flow within the cleanroom. We work with you to focus on the most important aspects of your projects relative to your budget. For example, you may not need a complete ISO Class 5 cleanroom if only a small area is critical to maintain. Or, have you given thought to how the process utilities will be served once operational? Or have you considered personnel traffic in and around the cleanroom envelope? How do you intend to clean the space? We ask specific questions to provide the best result possible.

Bottom line, there are so many ways to build cleanrooms. We will work with you to identify the best approach and cleanroom technology for your budget. Our goal is to make the cleanroom design process simple for you. Ultrapure Technology, Inc. has a dedicated team of experienced individuals whom are happy to visit your facility, coordinate with other subcontractors ahead of time and discuss with you at your convenience any and all questions related to the project. If for no other reason to choose us, Ultrapure Technology is the easiest cleanroom contractor to work with in the industry.


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  • Cleanroom HVAC & controls
  • Process exhaust & scrubbers
  • Steam and hydronic boilers
  • Chillers and cooling towers
  • Generators, transformers and distribution panels
  • UPS and power distributing
  • Cleanroom Lighting
  • Chemical resistant flooring systems
  • Modular cleanroom wall system integration
  • Personnel and product flows programming
  • Walkable ceiling systems

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