Your ability to create and maintain a controlled environment is heavily dependent on the material supplies you employ. That's why we've created this line of tape-based cleanroom products designed to meet a wide range of needs.

Our extreme temperature, MicroSeal and construction-grade tapes employ the ultimate in cutting-edge cleanroom technology. Boasting a range of features, such as pen-ready matte finishes, outgassing-free solvents and low metal contents, these multicolored products are ideal for labeling, color coding, batching and repair jobs alike. Our cleanroom products all undergo thorough consistency and quality testing, so they're appropriate for the most demanding applications and tasks.

Check out our general product descriptions to learn about suggested and acceptable uses, or peruse the detailed listings even more closely to find out which ISO class requirements these cleanroom supplies adhere to. Our innovative cleanroom technology allows us to manufacture tapes and labels in a number of sizes, colors and tack levels, but all of these products are specifically engineered for heightened performance under the most stringent conditions. Discover more about how you can take advantage of these cleanroom supplies on a variety of substrates by scrolling down, or contact us with your specific application questions.

MicroSeal Tape

For cleanroom gowning, this conformable polyethylene tape can be used to ensure an effective seal between the glove and garment. Perforations at 3” intervals allow the user to bind and tear at the optimum length to secure the glove. The low outgassing polyethylene film will remove cleanly leaving no adhesive residue. MicroSeal Tape is wound on a 3” plastic core with no liner.

  • Available in white in 2 and 3 inch widths.
  • Also available irradiated.
  • The 18-yard roll will seal approximately 42 gloves.

Extreme Temperature Tape

An extreme temperature tape comprised of transparent amber polyimide film with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. The silicone adhesive ensures a clean release from most substrates, even after being exposed to high temperatures or below freezing applications.

  • Flame resistant electrical insulation.
  • Solder masking for circuit boards, heat sealing and lamination.

EZT – Construction Tape

EZT Construction Tape is a high tack polyethylene tape with a rubber adhesive. The aggressive adhesive easily bonds different mediums, such as plastic and concrete or stainless steel. The unique serrated edge allows and easy tear at any length where blades and dispensers are not available.

  • Sizes 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 3” and 4”.

CR100PC – Cleanroom Tape

CR100PC Cleanroom tape is a vinyl tape specially processed for applications in and around the cleanroom. The tape is extremely conformable which makes it ideal for taping and sealing curved and irregular surfaces. The tape has a matte finish which can be written on with cleanroom pen. The synthetic rubber adhesive ensures a clean peel from wafer cartridges and cleanroom work surfaces.

  • Available in nine colors plus black, white and transparent.
  • Various widths. Roll length 36 yards.
  • Good For sealing, color coding, labeling and batching.

#1163 – Medium Tack Cleanroom Tape

Has the stretch and feel of vinyl tape, yet has low outgassing and low metals. Available in multiple colors as well as clear (transparent). Leaves no residue, can be written on. Good for maintenance and construction.

  • Sizes 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 3” and 4”.

30-LO998 – Cleanroom Labels

Cleanroom labels do not generate damaging particulates, adhesive residue, or solvent out-gassing. Designed to meet Class 1-100 (ISO class 3-5) requirements, they also test lower in outgassing leachables (cations and anions) and particulates than other cleanroom labels. The ultra-clean labels are manufactured in a controlled environment and are cleaned and double poly-bagged in a Class 10 (ISO class 4) cleanroom.

  • Ultra-low leachables, particulates and outgassing.
  • Cleaned and packaged in a Class 10/ISO Class 4 cleanroom.
  • Each label order is tested for surface particles.
  • Custom printed or blank versions with pin feed, perforated liner and lamination options.
  • Adhesives are removable or permanent.
  • Various widths. Roll length 36 yards.
  • Good For sealing, color coding, labeling and batching.