Having a cleanroom vacuum on hand is ideal for both your cleanroom cleaning crew and lab staff. Ultrapure Technology is dedicated to offering high-end cleanroom supplies for your maintenance needs.

Nilfisk – GM 80 CR

The Nilfisk GM 80CR is a variation of the GM 80 – the vacuum cleaner that has become a vacuum icon in a variety of industries. Lightweight, portable and quiet, the GM 80CR is perfect for use in cleanrooms, research labs and other critical environments. Four-stage filtration system includes a 2 1/4-gallon paper bag, main filter, microfilter and ULPA exhaust filter. A conductive hose and accessories provide ESD protection.

  • Quiet performance.
  • Meets cleanroom standards up to ISO 4 (Class 10).
  • Heavy-duty trolley adds mobility and glides over all surfaces.
  • Cleanroom-compatible polyethylene packaging prevents contamination during shipping.

Nilfisk – VT 60CR

Expressly for cleanroom environments, the VT 60CR features a specially designed system that prevents motor carbon dust from escaping through the exhaust system. No filter change is required between wet and dry collection.

  • 15-gallon tank capacity.
  • Multiple collection/disposal options.
  • Detachable trolley.
  • Water-, mildew-, rot-, and corrosion-resistant main filter protects HEPA Filter.
  • Positive twist safety latches provide increased security.
  • Variety of accessories.

Nilfisk – SS Spray Cleaner Vacuum

The Nilfisk SS Spray Cleaner Vacuum applies and simultaneously recovers a variety of solutions, increasing productivity by combining two cleaning functions. The Nilfisk SS Spray Cleaner vacuum is ideal for cleaning a variety of resilient flooring, including renewing polymeric flooring used for contamination control in many cleanroom and gowning areas.

  • Cleanroom-compatible.
  • Large collection capacity.
  • No electrical restrictions.
  • Multiple-stage filtration.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Can be used with water, de-ionized water and a variety of disinfectant solutions.

Nilfisk – BackVacuum

The BackVacuum is a powerful, lightweight, HEPA-filtered vacuum featuring a revolutionary ergonomic design that makes it ideal for cleaning confined areas. A patented rubber articulated joint ensures flexibility and allows the BackVacuum to conform to the operator’s movement. Self-adjusting shoulder straps provide stability and allow complete freedom of movement while maintaining the ideal ergonomic position.

  • Lightweight (9.9 lbs.) and powerful.
  • Comfortable and maneuverable.
  • 50-foot power cord.
  • HEPA filtration.
  • Accessory storage on belt.