Mops & Rollers

A wide array of cleanroom cleaning products are available for your needs, including mops and rollers. Ultrapure Technology is your source for all cleaning supplies.

Foam Tacky Roller

  • Helps keep areas free of contamination with easy to use hand or pole attachments.
  • Special anti-microbial agent providing long-lasting protection against bacterial growth.
  • Plastic inner core insures cleanliness.
  • Perfect for cleaning walls, floors, ceiling and hard to reach areas.

MicroMop – PVA

  • Cleanroom mop with an absorbency of 600% and drying time of 10-20 seconds.
  • Ideal for semiconductor and microelectronic cleaning applications where a dry, residue free surface is essential.
  • Not compatible with IPA.
  • Obvious choice for hi-tech applications.

ErgoMop – NovaLite

  • A roller mop with beveled edges which will effectively clean the ErgoMat anti-static and anti-fatigue line of floor coverings.
  • Use dry for a strong brushing effect or wet for increased particulate removal.
  • Works well on raised and grid flooring.
  • Can be used with strong cleaning agents and alcohol.
  • Attaches to QDNH-1 adapter for effective roll/lock cleaning operation.
  • Autoclavable.

PilloMop – Slip Cover

  • Polyester slip cover for use with PM 648 PilloMop mop head.
  • Designed for ultra-critical environments where clean-passes must be ensured.
  • The elasticized slip cover can be pre-moistened, bagged and used as necessary.
  • Soiled slip covers are easily removed and laundered.
  • Extremely economical.
  • Autoclavable.

PilloMop – NovaLite

  • Absorbent, hard-wearing, low-linting flat pad mop for walls, shelving and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Can be used with alcohol and strong disinfectants.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Attaches to QDPH-1 adapter for 360º swivel and low profile applications.
  • Standard size of 9” x 5”.

Twist Mop Head – Polyester

  • An economical self-wringing mop that cuts back on cleaning time and unnecessary hardware in the cleanroom.
  • Ideal for laying down disinfectant.
  • This looped polyester mop attaches to TH-1 handle for effective twist/wring action.
  • Can be laundered and autoclaved.
  • 100% polester.

MicroLoop Mop

  • A low cost loop mop in PolyGen or PVA material.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Can be used for service areas outside the cleanroom and for “clean build“ projects.
  • Economical polyester mop head ideal for “Hazmat“ and general spill control.
  • PVA version good for cleanroom support.

Curtain Cleaner PVA

  • Low-linting polyester covered foam slip cover to clean or apply disinfectant to cleanroom curtains and softwalls.
  • Can be laundered and re-used.
  • Resistant to strong disinfectants and steam sterilization.
  • 12” in width. Attaches to Curtain Cleaner Handle CCH-48.
  • Ideal for semiconductor and wafer manufacture.

PowerHead – NovaPoly Covered

  • Polyester covered foam mop head for critical applications, pharmaceutical and sterile support facilities.
  • Covered foam minimizes particulation.
  • Can be laundered, autoclaved and re-used.
  • Designed for use with QDPHH-10 or 14 electropolished stainless steel handle.
  • Can be used with PowerHead Bar PHB-10 or 14 to retrofit household type self-wringing handle.
  • 10” and 14” heads available.
  • Autoclavable.

T-Mop – PVA Cover

  • Low-profile mop head.
  • Low-linting, fast drying and absorbent.
  • Launderable and re-usable.
  • Attaches to QDT series of adapters for 180º swivel.
  • Avoid strong detergents and IPA.
  • Ideal for walls, floors and ceilings as well as applying disinfectants in sterile environments.

PolyGen Mop (PR/SE Mop 3)

  • An economical low-linting 100% polyester mop.
  • The herringbone weave in the looped strands ensures no raw edges, guaranteeing low
  • The PolyGen is absorbent enough to clean to a dry finish but can also be used to apply those disinfectants that require an extended drying time.
  • The PolyGen holds up to strong disinfectants and can be autoclaved.
  • For super critical applications the PolyGen is available irradiated.

Anticon 100 – Supersorb

  • Anticon 100 – Supersorb
  • 100% continuous filament polyester.
  • Constructed from GoldSorb fabric.
  • Laundered in ISO Class 1 Cleanroom.
  • Re-launderable.
  • Highly sorbent.
  • Can be used with commercially available hardware.
  • Ideal for cleaning of various critical environment floors.