Maintaining your cleanroom is simple when you come to Ultrapure Technology for cleanroom supplies. Whether you are seeking a cleanroom cleaner or other cleanroom products, we have you covered.


NovaClean Floor Cleaner

NovaClean Floor Clean is an all-purpose cleanroom concentrate filtered to 0.1 microns which will yield 60-128 gallons of cleaning solution per gallon container.

At the recommended dilution the formula claims sodium and potassium levels detectable only in parts per billion.

Low-ionic formulation will not generate a static charge.

Available in Quart, Gallon and 5- gallon containers.





A heavy-duty cleaner and de-greaser which offers an effective alternative to toxic and flammable solvent-based cleaners, such as acetone and isopropyl alcohol.

Filtered to 0.1 microns it is geared to semiconductor, electronics, aerospace and clean-build operations. It is non-flammable, bio-degradable, water soluble and effective at Low Concentrations and will remove grease, adhesives and most photo-resist stains.

Available in quart, gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon containers.



NovaClean Lab & Glass Clean

Low-ionic ready-to-use cleaner for work-stations, laminar flow benches, glass, plastic and acrylic screens, cleanroom curtains and painted surfaces.

Filtered to 0.1 microns, NovaClean Lab & Glass Clean has sodium and potassium levels detectable only in parts per billion.

Available in gallon containers as well as easy-to-use quart size spray bottles. The solution has a good evaporation rate and can be applied directly on the surface to be cleaned.



NovaHol – Cleanroom Cleaner

This ready-to-use formulation offers the same fine filtration and low ionic levels of NovaClean with the addition of Isopropyl Alcohol to speed dry time.

With its extremely high evaporation rate, NovaHol is ideal for cleaning glass, acrylic, vinyl curtains and stainless steel surfaces.

NovaHol is available in an easy to use quart size spray bottle and can be applied directly to the surface being cleaned. Gallon refill bottles are also available.