Nitrile provides quality nitrile gloves for your needs, as well as a wide selection of additional cleanroom gloves. When you are interested in disposable nitrile gloves, our business has you covered.


Nitrilite 93-311
Nitrilite Series

Nitrilite gloves solve many of the contamination problems caused by vinyl and natural rubber latex gloves in today’s cleanrooms.

  • Designed specifically for critical environments, Nitrilite gloves offer significantly reduced particulate and extractablelevels.
  • They are 100% powder-free and contain no plasticizers, silicone, or pigments.
  • Available in Nitrilite, Nitrilite Silky and Nitrilite Silky Ultra Clean 5 mil, 12” length, powder-free ambi, beaded cuff, textured fingers.
  • Available in sizes: XS – XL.


Product Numbers

  • 93-311 Nitrilite (100/bag, 10 bags/case)
  • 93-401 Nitrilite Silky (100/bag, 10 bags/case)
  • 93-402 Nitrilite Silky Ultra Clean (100/bag, 10 bags/case)


Dermashield 73-701


  • DermaShield, made from a proprietary poly-chloroprene blend, is free of latex proteins and accelerators. It is the ideal choice in the prevention of both Type I and Type IV allergies while still providing the softness and flexibility of natural rubber latex gloves.
  • In addition, DermaShield allows for easy double donning, is
    highly resistant to punctures and a broad spectrum of chemicals.
  • Powder-free, poly-chloroprene blend.
  • Hand-specific.


Product Numbers

  • 73-701 DermaSheild (200 pairs / case)


NCP Series
NCP & NWCP Series


  • 5.0 mil Nitrile Co-Polymer Powder Free Class 100 Gloves.
  • No Latex Proteins; White Color, Super Soft Feel; Anti-Static; Double Bagged Textured for Critical Handling; Tapered, Beaded Cuff; 12” Length, Ambidextrous.
  • NWCP Series offers Class 10 compatibility with DI water laundering process.


Product Numbers

  • NCP 201 – NWCP 201 Size: Small (100/bag, 10 bags/case)
  • NCP 202 – NWCP 202 Size: Medium (100/bag, 10 bags/case)
  • NCP 203 – NWCP 203 Size: Large (100/bag, 10 bags/case)
  • NCP 204 – NWCP 204 Size: X-Large (100/bag, 10 bags/case)
  • NCP 205 – NWCP 205 Size: XX-Large (100/bag, 10 bags/case)


NSGF Series
Nitrile Sterile Powder Free Class 100 Gloves.


  • 100% Nitrile; Class 100 (M3.5) Compatible or Higher; Controlled Environments.
  • Bisque Finish; Tapered, Beaded Cuff; No Latex Proteins; Lot Traceable Sterility.
  • Folded Cuff for Aseptic Donning; Superior Strength and Puncture Resistance.
  • 12” Length, Hand Specific; Gamma Irradiated Sterilization Minimum Dose 2.5 Mrads.


Product Numbers

  • NSGF600 – NSGF1000 Size:6-10 (1 pair / pouch; 200 pairs / case) half sizes available.