Improve your cleanroom today with new laboratory furniture from Starsys and Ultrapure Technology. Our business is proud to offer a wide array of cleanroom furniture options for your needs, including workcenters. When you have the right workcenters in your cleanroom, you can feel confident that your team will be able to have plenty of space to complete their tasks in a clean environment. With the addition of more workspace, they’ll also be able to store their cleanroom supplies properly.

Cleanroom furniture from Starsys is made for fast, efficient lab installations. The team at Ultrapure Technology understands your needs and is available to help you find the right laboratory furniture. When you use selections from Starsys, you’ll have access to durable, easy to clean furniture that won’t chip or rust. Every selection we offer is made from corrosion-proof polymer components for a contamination free product. Contac t us to learn more about our lab furniture, as well as place an order for cleanroom supplies.

Starsys Benefits


  • Facilitates fast, efficient lab installation.
  • The ability to easily reconfigure lab furniture layout as needs change.
  • The ability to easily reconfigure unit design.
  • Flexibility to design a storage solution to exact needs.
  • Corrosion-proof polymer components for a contamination-free product.
  • Durable, easy-to-clean, polymer enclosures that won’t chip, peel, dent, or rust, — ever.
  • Rigid aluminum and coated metal substructure, combined with advanced polymers, provide a robust, stable work
    environment for even the most sensitive equipment.
  • A high level of organization.
  • Easy access to supplies.
  • Greater storage density in a smaller footprint.