Benches, Cabinets & Sinks

Your safety and that of your coworkers and employees cannot be taken for granted. Because of the risks involved with your line of work, you understand the necessity of utilizing safe and durable cleanroom furniture for your lab. When you want equipment that has been tested and proven to meet the standards you need in your work space, you can find cleanroom supplies on our website. Ultrapure Technology offers you the benches, sinks, and other equipment that you require to keep you and your team safe at all times throughout the day.

We offer an extensive line of cleanroom furniture, as well as additional cleanroom products, that allow you to work better and safer. For example, you understand the importance of keeping your shoes clean from the chemicals and substances that are found in your lab. With our motorized shoe cleaner, you and your team can enjoy having footwear that is safe to wear both inside and outside the lab. It operates quietly without disturbing the noise level in the area. We also offer durable shelves and benches built for your cleanroom supplies. You can be assured that your cleanroom products will be stored securely without falling off the shelves, thus ruining your work and jeopardizing your lab's integrity.

Motorized Shoe Cleaner

  • 1600 VA-H: fully automatic shoe cleaner with hepa filter – providing advanced filtration,
    quieter operation, built in vacuum, and disposable dust bags.
  • 1600 VA: fully automatic shoe cleaner with built in vacuum pump and disposable dust bags.
  • 1600 SA: fully automatic shoe cleaner for use with external vacuum systems.

  • Simple to operate.
  • Rugged design gives long life.
  • 5 brushes for complete contamination removal.
  • Large footprint for stability.
  • Speed control, brush motor.

Solid Gowning Bench

  • Available in 9”, 12”, 16” depths x 36”, 48”, 60” and 70” lengths.
  • Type 304 solid stainless steel surface.
  • Include foot plates.
  • Strong, secure and easy to wipe down.

Perforated gowning bench with Undershelf

  • Provides wall storage and facilitates laminar flow.
  • Designed to hold up to four tiers.
  • Shelf widths range from 14” to 24” and the post height range from 14” to 63”.
  • Available in chrome and stainless steel.

Vertical Storage Cabinets

  • Designed to provide efficient storage of Cleanroom garments.
  • Shelves adjustable on 4″ vertical centers.
  • Adjustable stainless steel leveling feet provide floor mount or free standing option.
  • 18 gauge type 430 stainless steel cabinet body.
  • Double pan 20 gauge stainless steel hinged doors.
  • Factory-installed 5″ plate casters with brake available.
  • Your choice of flat or slanted top.


  • Type 304 construction, bowls and top assembly.
  • Poly cutting board/sink cover provided as standard.
  • Deep-drawn seamless coved corner bowls.
  • Legs are braced front to back.
  • Legs are located adjacent to sink bowls for maximum weight support and stability.
  • Swirlaway drainage.
  • Die-stamped creased drainboards for positive drainage.
  • Five models and five bowl sizes available.