Acrylic Dispensers

Cluttered work areas may contribute to delays, decreased productivity, and reduced efficiency along with an atmosphere of general disorganization. When employees must search for needed supplies before beginning to work on certain projects, they spend more time than necessary in preparation.

Ultrapure Technology’s acrylic dispensers help keep cleanroom supplies organized in specific locations and maintain each work area in a neat and orderly condition, making it easy for everyone to quickly find the supplies required for each task. Made for mounting on the wall to spare valuable space or for use as free-standing units, our clean, clear, acrylic dispensers have smooth, flame-treated edges to prevent scratches or snags.

We have a glove dispenser with four compartments and access to each compartment from the front as well as from its own, separate lid. Another model of glove dispenser has a durable, full-length hinge that allows for opening of the top front to facilitate easy loading, and the large front opening provides quick access to the dispenser’s contents. Our bulk dispenser has one compartment to keep coveralls, aprons, smocks and other apparel neat, clean and organized, and the four-compartment dispenser stores various items like gloves, beard covers, bouffants, and shoe covers. Protect your cleanroom supplies while keeping them organized and easily accessible with our convenient, high-quality dispensers.


Divided Dispenser with 4 Compartments and front access for each compartment designed for multiple uses: gloves, bouffants, beard covers, shoe covers, etc.

  • 16’’ H x 18’’ W x 6’’ D.
  • 1/4’’ clean, clear acrylic.
  • Single lid with full-length hinge for durability.
  • Mounts to wall or free-standing.
  • Wall bracket included on back.
  • Flame treated edges for smoothness.
  • 1 per case.


Bouffant Dispenser with lid.

  • 12’’ H x 12’’ W x 8’’ D.
  • Full length hinged lid for easy loading.
  • Clean, clear 1/8’’ acrylic.
  • Large front opening allows easy access.
  • Flame treated edges for smoothness.
  • Mounts to wall or free standing.
  • Holds large volumes.
  • 1 per case.


4 Compartment Glove Dispenser with Front Access.
4 separate compartments with lids and front access openings.

  • 12’’ H x 20’’ W x 11.5’’ D.
  • Each lid opens separately.
  • Each compartment has front opening for easy access.
  • Mounts to wall or free standing.
  • Heavy duty wall bracket included.
  • 1/4’’ durable clear acrylic.
  • Flame treated edges for smoothness.
  • 1 per case.


1 Compartment Bulk Dispenser with Closed Front. Holds frocks, coveralls, smocks, aprons, etc.

  • 24’’ H x 15.5’’ W x 10.5’’ D.
  • 1 compartment.
  • Open or closed front option.
  • Mounts to wall or free standing.
  • Durable 1/4’’ clear acrylic.
  • Keeps apparel organized, neat and clean.
  • Flame treated edges for smoothness.
  • 1 per case.


Front-Load Glove Dispenser. Top half of front lifts open for easy loading.

  • 20’’ H x 16’’ W x 16’’ D.
  • 1/4’’ acrylic-clear.
  • Flame polished edges for smoothness.
  • Mounting bracket on back.
  • Full length hinge for durability.
  • Large front opening for easy access.
  • 1 per case.