Installing windows in your cleanroom is simple when you are working with Ultrapure Technology. In addition to our other many pieces of quality cleanroom technology, our business provides cleanroom windows that can be used in your cleanroom. When you are working on a new cleanroom construction project, you can feel confident that we will provide you with the ideal selections for your needs.

Our company features Porta Fab cleanroom windows in a variety of styles, including beveled and double flush windows. Some of the selections we sell can be hermetically sealed and coated, while others can be seamlessly incorporated into most cleanroom construction designs. Take a look at the windows we have available and place your order today. As one of the leading purveyors of cleanroom technology on the Internet, we know that you are going to be pleased with the items we offer.

Portafab Window
Porta Fab

Cleanroom Windows
Standard window units can integrate seamlessly with its modular wall and ceiling systems. Windows can be hermetically sealed and coated with a desiccant finish while insulated glass units or double flush glazing can be easily incorporated into most designs. Windows can also be integrated into return air walls to minimize any air flow disruption.

Styles Available:

  • Beveled Window
  • Flush Window
  • Double Flush Window
  • Standard CleanLine Windows