Project Portfolio

The team at Ultrapure Technology is proud of our past cleanroom design projects and are happy to show you examples of our past creations. Whether you are interested in a modular cleanroom or are interested in the newest cleanroom technology available, you can take a look at the past builds we have been involved with and get an idea of what we can do for you! As you can see here, we have created rooms for Microaire, Astrotech, Hansa Mold Tool & Die, and Ray Biotech.

Designing and building cleanrooms is a breeze for us because we have many years of experience with a variety of aspects, such as HVAC, soft wall construction, retrofitting, and complete builds. Call us today or send an online message requesting a quote for our cleanroom design services. Once we know if you are interested in a modular cleanroom or installing new cleanroom technology in your current room, we can provide you with the information you need to get your plan into action.





At Altomonte Springs

Med Dev Cleanroom

Med Tech of Georgia

Ray Biotech

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