Modular Cleanrooms


Whether you are looking for a portable cleanroom or are just interested in cleanroom technology, the dedicated staff at Ultrapure Technology is here for you. We stay up to date on all of the latest modular cleanroom technology, using the modern selections we have at our disposal to build an efficient portable cleanroom for your business. From building custom designs that go outside the box of standard portable cleanroom designs to building the perfect recirculating systems, we are ready to work for you.

Our design team has years of experience creating cleanrooms, so you can feel confident that we will build the perfect room for your applications. We offer rooms and controlled environments that are great for aerospace, microelectronic, semiconductor, and fiber optic applications. Contact us today to request a quote, see our modular cleanroom portfolio, or discuss your upcoming project. We are extremely knowledgeable about cleanroom technology and are ready to answer any question you have.

Once Thru Design


  • Modular Cleanroom Once Thru Design.
  • Anodized aluminum framing system.
  • Pass Thrus with Mechanical Interlock.
  • Clear polycarbonate wall panels great for show & tell!
  • Soffet wall hides HEPA filters and ductwork for a clean finish.
  • Achieve ISO Class 5 – 9; Fed Std. Class 100 – 100,000.
  • Great with Epoxy Floors!



Recirculating Systems


  • Modular Cleanrooms with Recirculating Air Handling Systems.
  • Multiple Panel finish options, Easy to Clean, Fast to install.
  • Achieve ISO Class 3 – 9; Fed Std. Class 10 – 100,000.
  • Great for Micro Electronics, Semiconductor, Laser and Fiber Optic Applications.
  • Great with ESD Seam Welded Vinyl Flooring.




Custom Applications


  • Ultrapure Technology, Inc. has the design / build expertise to “think outside the box” to meet any challenges!
  • Cleanroom or controlled environment.
  • Horizontal Flow Class 100 Cleanroom.
  • Non-Out Gassing Wall Material.
  • Modular, Expandable, Flexible.
  • Great for Aerospace!